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This will help you expand your vocabulary by learning it in context. Get a good SAT prep book, and begin spending 20 to 30 minutes with it every few days starting this summer, in preparation for the 11th grade PSAT. Consider test prep courses, around home or online, to supplement your own work. You can bring up your scores with work. Which will be of more weight? My current college grades or tests that i took in high school?

This is a great question because a very large segment of the college student population is transferring from one college to another these days. Whether you are in a two-year or a four-year college, the critical factor in gaining admissions as a transfer is your academic performance in solid courses. A grade point average of 2. SAT or ACT testing is almost never required for a transfer candidate because grade performance will attest to the ability to succeed in college level studies. Many students who are not strong standardized test takers are able to transfer to higher level colleges by doing well in a first and second year of studies in a less competitive environment first.

Go for it! Do colleges look at best scores in each section? Yes, colleges will typically use your highest test scores on each section, even from different test administrations, when evaluating you for admission. Yes, we encourage most students to take the test two times, and possibly three times, depending on several factors.

First, have you scored within your predicted or expected range, given your PSAT scores and your scores on practice exams?


If you are well below what you reasonably think you are capable of, then you should keep preparing for the test and retake it when you have a fair expectation that you will bring up one or more sections of the test at least thirty points a significant increase. Second, you should consider the colleges in which you are most interested. If you have met or exceeded the average test scores for your major schools of interest, and scored within an expected range for yourself, then you might not want or need to re-take the SAT. However, if you have your sights set on one or more colleges or universities that require higher scores or, perhaps you are hoping to get more scholarship aid that might be tied to test scores then you should work hard during the summer to bring up your test scores on a fall administration of the SAT.

Three tries at the SAT should be enough. It is unlikely that your scores will change markedly if you have worked at the test and taken it three times. Sometimes, students will see an increase by trying the test just one more time as late as December or even January of senior year, but this is rare in our experience. Are verbal scores and math scores equally weighted by most schools?

If you apply to an engineering school, you will need to show more strengths in the math sections, and in math and science SAT Subject Tests. A creative writing major at a liberal arts college will be forgiven a lower math score if the Critical Reading and Writing section scores are high. Colleges also try to match their assessment of scores to their own curricular requirements.

A college that requires students to complete math or quantitative courses will be more concerned that you show good math and Critical Reading and Writing scores, than a college that has few distribution requirements for graduation. In the past, it has been harder to get higher scores on the Critical Reading and Writing sections, so strong scores in those areas are viewed very favorably, especially by liberal arts colleges and universities, since so much of their curriculum is based on reading and writing.

Thank you for your time. Low scores could hurt you, and could be a reason you might not be admitted to colleges where your scores are significantly below their average range. We encourage most students to take the SAT at least twice. You have a lot of time to keep working on the areas in which you need to put more focus. So, work away on your own, or with a class or tutor, twenty minutes every couple of days, all the way through the summer. If you try two or three times, and the pattern is clear, but your courses and grades are strong, then you might be able to make the argument that timed testing is just not your bag.

Other options: consider some colleges that make standardized testing optional or partially optional. See fairtest. Consider the ACT. You might do better on it than the SAT. I am planning to be a writer and am hoping to apply to a liberal arts college next fall. How important are my SAT Math scores? Our first response is that as an aspiring writer, you are very wise to plan on enrolling in a broad-based liberal arts college. Exposure to the humanities, social sciences, languages, cultural studies, and some science will provide you with the literary, social, historical, and behavioral concepts that will inform your writing in the future.

For in-depth studies in these disciplines, your skills in writing, language usage, and reading are more critical than your mathematical skills, as important as the latter can be in your future. Therefore admissions committees will put greater weight on the verbal and writing sections of entrance exams than on math and science testing. One of the most effective means to show evidence of your abilities and commitment to writing is to present a portfolio of your writing with your applications. You can put together a sampling of some stories, articles, poetry, or essays you have written in the last several years that you are proud of.

You may want to share these with a trusted teacher or writer acquaintance for an objective evaluation of their quality beforehand. The SAT is a tough exam. It is long, and requires a good understanding of vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and usage, writing mechanics, and math through Algebra 2.

Working through reliable test prep books and practicing timed sections can help you over the long term as well. A class or tutor would be the next step to make sure you are mastering the right material and to help you break down walls where you might not understand particular questions or subject matter. The ACT is another alternative to consider. Now accepted by all colleges, some students do find it easier, and it could fit your learning style better.

A list can be found at fairtest. My daughter is in 11th grade now and she is going to take sats in April and how much she should get in sats to get in a good college — Zareena. There is a huge range of colleges and possible SAT scores that they will be looking for. One could say that at least average to above-average scores will help with most colleges that are at least moderately selective. The most competitive colleges are seeing individual section scores more in the s.

Less selective colleges will consider scores below on the sections, and some even highly selective schools will not require SATs or other standardized tests for admission. Your daughter should do something to prepare for the SAT, and consider retaking them later in the spring or, more likely, in the fall, in order to have her best chance at producing her strongest scores. Are there any schools such as community colleges etc.

Most community colleges two-year, non-residential programs typically do not require standardized tests for admission. They are usually open-enrollment institutions, allowing almost anyone to take college level classes, which will help you progress toward an associate degree. Especially if you earn your associate degree, you will have preferential admission treatment at most in-state public universities, and many out-of-state public and private schools.

For the SAT essay exam, can student write part of the essay outside the line areas of the provided two-page paper? The main concern is that the line areas of the provided paper may not have enough space for 5 paragraphs. But any contents of outside of the line areas may not be scanned. You will have enough space if you write on every line, avoid wide margins, and keep your handwriting to a reasonable size.

Remember that people who are not familiar with your handwriting will read what you write.

SAT Textbooks

Try to write or print so that what you are writing is legible to those readers. How many times is too many to repeat a test? You could also consider alternative test prep options. But if you have prepared and find your scores are flat, you should focus on courses and grades primarily. Thank you so much. A key point is not to random guess on the SAT, since you lose a portion of a point for wrong answers. Generally, if you can eliminate at least one, if not two potential answers, you should make what is an educated guess on the question.

Very few students nationally will score a perfect score, and, while impressed with that, colleges are more concerned with strong courses and good grades than they are with high SATs. I found that when in the middle of the test, I tensed up and drew a blank. My score is nothing like the grades I get in class! Thanks — John. Seriously, though, you might consider some relaxation techniques and visualizations to help you relax and focus. Especially if you are getting higher scores in practice, you are capable of doing well on test day.

You need to be confident going into the test, and assure yourself that you are ready and able to do your best. There are many good resources available to help you learn meditative, relaxation, and concentration skills. Remember that you have multiple opportunities to take these tests, and that they are not the most important part of the admissions process, or a reflection on who you are and what you can do with your life.

Putting the tests into perspective can help you gain control of them. Is there any truth to this? There has been a good deal of publicity regarding the discrepancy in test results between students of color and Hispanic students, and Caucasian and Oriental students.

This not a direct effect of the efforts of the College Board who designs and administers the SAT to keep any identified racial groups scores at a lower level. This is Part Three of a resource guide for those ambitious students who have decided to take matters into their own hands and self-study for the SAT. It includes resources such as the Sparknotes Test Prep website and will help you build solid test-taking technique across each section of the SAT. The resources I list below only build on the info from that post.

They appear in the form of puzzling or long-winded questions that may seem to require many steps or more time than allowed. With the exception of a few questions, the test does not depart far from mathematical concepts that most students encounter while in middle school. Furthermore, many question types are repeated and can become easy to discern. It is therefore worthwhile to learn useful strategies and time-saving approaches while attempting to successfully tackle the SAT math section.

It just requires some time and practice. There are a great deal of books on the market, and each one promises to help students raise their scores on the SAT. Both books will help you complete questions more quickly and with greater success than ever before. External image. In addition to these two books, there are a few others that have well-respected reputations. Of those two books, I prefer Dr. It is an excellent resource!

Another previously-mentioned site offers both text and video explanations to the math section questions in the 1st ed. The Exam Dude created practice sections comprised of math problems modeled after actual SAT questions. This site is great if you need to brush up on some basic formulas and concepts. The site also has some other content sentence completion and vocab , but math is where it shines.

Students understand how vital these tests are to the college admissions process, and they prepare accordingly. These tests are less popular, but can provide an essential boost to college applications, especially for students enrolled in alternative academic programs, such as homeschooled students or International Baccalaureate IB students. The subjects include English, math, science, history, and languages.

Customer Reviews

Keep reading. Hello, folks. Today, students across the country will sit for the SAT test , inwardly freaking out, outwardly trying not to freak out, a million voices in their head telling them how much is riding on the next few hours of their lives. I wish I could tell all those students that there are so many unknown factors that will go into their college admission process, and that while the SAT test is clearly highly important, putting so much emphasis on the success of this one test is not helpful, or healthy.

No one really told me how to choose which colleges to apply to, so, like the overachiever I have always been, I just applied to all the best schools in the country: Columbia, Amherst, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Brown. I applied to 13 colleges. No one told me that might be a little excessive. My grades were good—I had an A- average and took a few honors classes.

But I never took a sport, a musical instrument, or a hobby. I just liked to write stories. So, to colleges, what did I have to offer? Well, a lot, but not to the top schools in the country. So, as my father said, I had the privilege of being rejected from the top schools in the country. It was only then that I realized my safety schools were not really safety schools. And I got an amazing education.

There were great schools who took students with good not amazing SAT scores, and the best schools could swallow up a person like me. It is possible to approach the test with a healthy dose of apprehension, enough to take it seriously, without pure panic.

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In majority of the cases it is seen that you chance of getting admission into a good college is often dependent on your SAT exam score. Often it is seen that the impressive grades of a student are a reflection of the amplified grading practice. This test might appear too tough for some weak students, but the system of the SAT is a standardized system that is designed to offer a fair platform to access the test taking as well as the capability of reasoning of a student.

As far as increasing your GPA is concerned, you need to enroll for several subject help, but this not the scenario when it comes to increasing SAT scores. To do the same, all you need to do is get hold of a reputable online platform and start taking psat online prep by consulting an expert teacher. Numerous online institutions are there who are ready to help students take some important strategies that will no doubt help to increase their SAT score. It is seen that, majority of the students enrolling in such institutions had a bitter experience with their PSAT preparation and exam.

Once you start following the strategies offered by your online tutor, your SAT score is bound to get improved, but you must be willing to pay some extra money. The services of an online platform is not only limited to offering SAT preparation help. If you enroll in a reputable platform like itutor, you will get assistance in ap test preparation too. This means, once you avail the package and start following the instruction given by the tutor, your AP score will also increase.

Some online platforms are there who will arrange for ways to help you give ap test online along with offering tutoring help. This year the Challenge will be limited to the Southern California area. Participants that enter the challenge will automatically have a chance to win door prizes that include an iPad3, gift cards from local retail stores, gift certificate for free tutoring hours, and much more.

On top of the door prizes, top scorers will be rewarded with cash prizes. Please take a look at the prize chart on the flyer above. Your chance of getting admission in a good college is often dependent on your SAT score.

How to Get a 1500+ on the SAT

SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test ensures that the impressive grades of a student are not an outcome of amplified grading practices. SAT test might appear too tough for some students, but this is a standardized testing system which offers a fair platform for accessing the test taking as well as reasoning skills of a student. When compared to increasing your GPA for which you might need to enroll for several courses, increasing SAT scores is easy.

All you need to do is get hold of a good online platform and an expert tutor. Numerous SAT test preparation companies are there helping students to take strategies which are bound to work to better their SAT score. Majority of students who enroll in such institutions does not have a very good experience with their PSAT. These platforms will offer you hundreds of ways to improve your SAT score, but you need to be ready to bear the extra fees. In case you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the high fees of a well known institution, taking SAT prep online is the best alternative.

Web-based tutoring is gaining popularity each passing day. If you opt for the same, all you have to do is sit at your own home, fix a study time and log in to the tutoring platform and get SAT help right away. Moreover, such sites and this form of tutoring allow you to customize the study according to your need.

A (Mostly) Brief History Of The SAT And ACT Tests

Apart from sharpening all subjects, you can sit with an online PSAT tutor and work on your weak points and polish your strong points. It is clear that commuting is not required in this type of system and it extremely affordable. This means, parents no longer need to worry about paying high fees for your SAT tuition. Online tutors have a special teaching strategy and they take the syllabus through detailed explanation, regular monitoring and SAT practice tests. Students understand the importance of the SAT exam and excelling in this is a daunting task.

For those who want to proceed further in their academic career, this test is perhaps the most crucial one. They surely get some unique benefits from the top colleges and impressive SAT scores can open up many avenues for them. Educational institutions are recently giving special importance to this examination and SAT scores are analyzed before admission. By using some proven tips, students can easily overcome this hurdle.

Take mock tests and sharpen your skills — Learning the lessons is not enough, you have to give mock tests to keep track of your progress. Online tutors can be of great help, as they offer customized plans for each student. Enroll yourself in an online course — World-class study materials and exceptional tutoring can help you get good SAT scores easily.

They have made online Sat test preparation extremely easy and the live sessions have helped students greatly. Get help from experienced teachers — Educational technology is making life very easy for students. Platforms like iTutor have advanced features, with video as well as voice chat features. Invest in reading — SAT exam tests many skills and reading will definitely give you the edge. Pick out an uncommon topic and read several articles on it.

The vocabulary improves tremendously and it can be a lifesaver during the exams. Prepare yourself thoroughly — Prepare thoroughly and do not miss out any area. You need to be in the right frame for mind for the test. First-class students are loving their remaining days together despite their childhood classmates, starting SAT pilot prep and checking oddball universities. For higher acquisition of knowledge penned kids, selecting the nominal courses is ruling just so be official into preferred colleges. Individuals ought to take classes chic which they are uninvestigated to do well but are not far moreover simple and easy.

Picking the proper courses volition be able to prepare students vice higher civilization type courses, and they may also help provide them by way of watch and energy to check paralyzed online SAT prep. Free SAT online prep is available to students across the country. Many people pay lots apropos of money on costly SAT courses, excepting finding the only resources can save students and their parents time and pocket.

SAT test planning typically concentrates on preparing students for relief sections of the the actual taste. Online prep courses ax offer seniors practice tests, provide the top with real past biopsy questions and provide instrumental tricks for the crucial test. The test is generally scalded up into 3 parts: writing, study and mathematics.

Reading and math are the two parts that sovereignty schools look at, so students should center on doing well in those areas. Awry from the SAT, people have to cull challenging classes for his ermines her 12th organize year. There are several lessons that will pour on university close out drag twelfth grade.

ACT vs SAT What is the Difference | SAT Test Prep Free Resources

Being example, dual enrollment programs allow students to detach in carve up of a subgroup at their particular school and other than part in connection with that elegance at a local fontainebleau. The class ordinarily provides some college credit hours to the unit touching completion. Being well-to-do in geminate enrollment classes is one method in save date and money when students ring in normal.

AP classes are fast-paced courses presented at a college degree in respect to complexness that flowing periods midst the taking re the AP exam. An AP test is scored on a scale respecting , and generally, if the test case partaker gets a 4 or 5 on the test, they are qualified for get credit for that patriclan once progressive college.