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In my last post I presented the case for developing embedded systems in small, robust modules by breaking up functionality among several processes or even separate circuit boards.

Communication Protocol Engineering by Pallapa Venkataram

Once logic has been separated into isolated silos, the subsystems must still work together as a whole via some form of communication. Why then do some developers often share info between embedded processes with shared memory buffers or files that are accessible whenever and by whomever?

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This applies to both processes on the same board and different boards communicating over a bus. In general, there are three main areas to consider when developing or selecting a shared communication strategy: serialization , routing , and transport layers. Serialization is the process of converting an internal data structure of one system to a message format that can be communicated over a channel to another system in a way that other system can understand it.

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For another, we used JSON as a fast, flexible and human readable format that was easy to prototype quickly. In each project, once the serialization scheme was designed and in place, it was trivial to add or update messages as development progressed.

This allowed us to rapidly prototype each subsystem without needing to constantly fight over changing internal memory layouts of each subsystem, since a common area of code defined the shared serialization language of the various subsystems. With multiple subsystems that a message could go to, the next thing to consider with message protocols is the routing.

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  8. Routing defines those message paths. As embedded systems become more and more complex, so does the challenge of enabling fast and efficient communication between the various subsystems that make up a modern embedded system. Facing this challenge from a practical standpoint, Communication Protocol Engineering outlines a hands-on methodology for developing effective communication protocols for large-scale systems.

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