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Read our Privacy Policy. Tip: Visit Hofstede's website for more detailed information about his research. Note: To reflect upon your personal cultural value preferences, take the Culture Compass. Key Points Cultural norms play a large part in interpersonal relationships at work.

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Master of Global Entrepreneurial Management Curriculum

Please wait Centralized organizations. More complex hierarchies. Large gaps in compensation, authority and respect. Acknowledge a leader's status. As an outsider, you may try to circumvent his or her power, but don't push back explicitly. Be aware that you may need to go to the top for answers. Flatter organizations.

Supervisors and employees are considered almost as equals. Delegate as much as possible. Ideally, involve all those in decision making who will be directly affected by the decision. High value placed on people's time and their need for privacy and freedom. An enjoyment of challenges, and an expectation of individual rewards for hard work. Respect for privacy. Acknowledge individual accomplishments.

Don't mix work life with social life too much. Encourage debate and expression of people's own ideas. Emphasis on building skills and becoming master of something. People work for intrinsic rewards. Maintaining harmony among group members overrides other moral issues. Wisdom is important.

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Suppress feelings and emotions that may endanger harmony. Avoid giving negative feedback in public. Saying "No" can cause loss of face, unless it's intended to be polite. For example, declining an invitation several times is expected. Strong egos — feelings of pride and importance are attributed to status. Money and achievement are important. Be aware of the possibility of differentiated gender roles.

A long-hours culture may be the norm, so recognize its opportunities and risks. People are motivated by precise targets, and by being able to show that they achieved them either as a group or as individuals. More focus on quality of life. Success is more likely to be achieved through negotiation, collaboration and input from all levels.

Avoid an "old boys' club" mentality, although this may still exist.

Workplace flexibility and work-life balance may be important, both in terms of job design, organizational environment and culture, and the way that performance management can be best realized. Conservative, rigid and structured, unless the danger of failure requires a more flexible attitude.

Many societal conventions. People are expressive, and are allowed to show anger or emotions, if necessary. A high energy society, if people feel that they are in control of their life instead of feeling overwhelmed by life's vagaries. Be clear and concise about expectations and goals, and set clearly defined parameters.

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But encourage creative thinking and dialogue where you can. Recognize that there may be unspoken "rules" or cultural expectations you need to learn. Recognize that emotion, anger and vigorous hand gestures may simply be part of the conversation. Openness to change or innovation, and generally inclusive.

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More inclined to open-ended learning or decision making. Less sense of urgency. Ensure that people remain focused, but don't create too much structure. Titles are less important, so avoid "showing off" your knowledge or experience. Respect is given to those who can cope under all circumstances. People often wonder how to know what is true. For example, questions like "What? Virtues and obligations are emphasized. Behave in a modest way. Avoid talking too much about yourself. People are more willing to compromise, yet this may not always be clear to outsiders; this is certainly so in a culture that also scores high on PDI.

People often want to know "Why? As people tend to oversell themselves, others will assess their assertions critically. Values and rights are emphasized.

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Sell yourself to be taken seriously. People are less willing to compromise as this would be seen as weakness. Flattery empowers. Importance of freedom of speech. Focus on personal happiness. Don't take life too seriously. Encourage debate and dialogue in meetings or decision making. Prioritize feedback, coaching and mentoring.

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Emphasize flexible working and work-life balance. Avoid making jokes when engaged in formal sessions. Instead, be professional. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday!

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