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He says early on, explaining his fascination with Bigfoot, "Here was a creature And that can be interesting stuff. In the s in North America, especially, Bigfoot was big business. Books were published, Argosy magazine devoted an entire issue to the subject and sold out in a week , movies were made. Apart from its plain old entertainment value, Buhs says, "Bigfoot was popular among white working-class men because Sasquatchiana reflected their hopes, their fears, and their hidden desires.

Buhs ends with the most recent humiliations and indignities in the field - primarily more fake "evidence" that blows up on close examination - and points out that that many of the "classic" Bigfoot hunters died around the turn of the 21st century, without ever seeing their dream - indisputable proof of the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch - become a reality. And that is sad.

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But as he points out elsewhere, there is a new generation of Bigfoot hunters - small but dedicated, as always - who haven't given up. And as difficult as I find it to believe that anyone is going to turn up a Sasquatch, there is a part of me that wants to believe they're out there. Kirchhoff is the deputy Books editor for The Globe and Mail.

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To view your reading history, you must be logged in. Log in Register. Open this photo in gallery:. Reviewed by H. Published August 13, Updated April 28, Comments Please log in to bookmark this story. Yet a small but vociferous number of scientists remain undeterred.

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Risking ridicule from other academics, they propose that there's enough forensic evidence to warrant something that has never been done: a comprehensive, scientific study to determine if the legendary primate actually exists. Sasquatch stories go back centuries. Tales of mythical giant apes lurk in the oral traditions of most Native American tribes, as well as in Europe and Asia. The Himalaya has its Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti. In Australia, Bigfoot is known as the Yowie Man.

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Bigfoot advocates hypothesize that the primate is the offspring of an ape from Asia that wandered to North America during the Ice Age. They believe there are at least 2, ape men walking upright in North America's woods today. An adult male is said to be at least 8 feet 2. The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits.

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Matt Moneymaker had been searching for Bigfoot for years. In the woods of eastern Ohio, he claims he finally came eye to eye with the elusive primate. He wanted to let me know I was in the wrong place. Moneymaker, who lives in Dana Point in southern California, is a lawyer who runs his own marketing agency.

In his spare time, he leads the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a network of more than 3, people who claim to have seen the Sasquatch. Perhaps the most compelling photographic evidence of Bigfoot is a controversial short film shot by Roger Patterson in , which appears to document a female Bigfoot striding along a riverbank in northern California. Now, Bigfoot advocates are increasingly turning to forensic evidence to prove the existence of the giant creature.

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Investigator Jimmy Chilcutt of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, who specializes in finger- and footprints, has analyzed the more than casts of Bigfoot prints that Meldrum, the Idaho State professor, keeps in a laboratory. Chilcutt says one footprint found in in Walla Walla in Washington State has convinced him that Bigfoot is real.

The print ridges flowed lengthwise along the foot, unlike human prints, which flow across. The texture of the ridges was about twice the thickness of a human, which indicated that this animal has a real thick skin. Meldrum, meanwhile, says a pound kilogram block of plaster known as the Skookum Cast provides further evidence of Bigfoot's existence.

The cast was made in September from an impression of a large animal that had apparently lain down on its side to retrieve some fruit next to a mud hole in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State. Meldrum says the cast contains recognizable impressions of a forearm, a thigh, buttocks, an Achilles tendon and heel.